Freshlyground new single don't leave me

Don’t Leave Me Lyrics

five fingers told and I am 60 yrs old when i meet you
meet you outside a hall somewhere in the greater world
what’s a nice thing like you doing in a place like this
you sigh cos you’ve heard something similar before I stood
in front of you eyes falling out of my skull
I ask you your name and you say don’t you know by now

don’t you know by now?
don’t leave me on my own..
or am i better off alone?

these eyes have seen – oh the skin has it’s stories -there’ve been
many like you and none at all and it’s cold and i think
“how adorable to see you sigh like a child who’s treat is already late”
take this hand here and let’s be tumbling far from this everyday the same
using the stars let us climb the sky and to the places kept secret be where we
never would have been

but it’s coming
it’s coming
don’t leave me on my own… or am i better off alone

(don’t hesitate too long –
my heart might show itself to be
the bird in lights trapped in a terrible moment
if you retract your fingers I’m afraid I will fall and I will drown)
but it’s coming
it’s coming
 don’t leave me on my own
(or am I better off alone?)