Freshlyground website

To Our Dearest Friends and Fans…

Hello, molweni, kunjani, shalom, as-salam alaykom….

As you can see we have relaunched, reworked and done a little spring cleaning of our site! It seems like a good time for a spring clean, a clearing of the cobwebs as it were – in more ways than one. Along with this new site we have launched a blog – so that we can keep in touch with y’all and let you know where in the world we are and what we are doing, feeling, seeing and creating. Please sign up to our mailing list so that these little snippets of life can come directly into your mailbox!

We are about to embark on some music making, it has been a while and we are itching to put something new and delicious out there for you! It has been a busy year so far with gigs all over Southern Africa as well as a European tour which we have just recently returned from, and as much as we love playing out there in the world we have to admit that there is really no place like home….and we are so grateful to have this little paradise to return to.

What with ISIS rampaging through Syria, ebola decimating our african brothers and sisters in the western parts of the continent, rockets, bombs and gunfire falling on Gaza and Israel, planes being shot out of the sky, volcanoes erupting, Russians gone power hungry….it seems the world has gone mad, about to implode on itself. In the face of all this we find ourselves wondering how we can do better to co-exist with our fellow man, to accept one another’s differences and to understand that we are not all the same but that it is our diversity that makes this earth. This planet, this life, such an interesting and wonderful thing. In the words of the wonderfully wise Archbishop Desmond Tutu, “Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”